AUMA Actuators for Natural Gas Service

Case Study AUMA Natural Gas Service – Click to view PDF

AUMA Actuators, Inc. (AUMAUSA) and R.M. Headlee won a job with the largest energy infrastructure company in North America. This customer operates 152 terminals as well as 85,000 miles of pipelines, which transport natural gas, gasoline, crude oil and carbon dioxide.

SMARTSTEP 100% Duty Servo Electric Actuator

Case Study SmartStep For Liquid Level Control – Click to view PDF

RM Headlee, a New York based distributor of valves, actuators and controls developed a simple control package for the water markets.  Many municipalities have older equipment controlling their filter beds.  Most of the valves, actuators and liquid level components are no longer made with no supporting spare parts.  There are three primary items needed to upgrade to a simple, accurate proven system.

Val-Matic Chosen for Largest Tank East of Rocky Mountains

Case Study Westcott – Click to view PDF

The City of Syracuse’s largest capital investment in water infrastructure included the Val-Matic American butterfly valve for the Westcott Reservoir Rehabilitation Project. Two new 32 MG concrete tanks, largest east of the Rockies, will replace the 110 MG concrete lined reservoir that was taken out of service in 1999.

Steel Mill Outage

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An up-state New York steel mill needed to replace a leaking 24” pneumatically operated butterfly valve. This steel mill selected R.M. Headlee Co., Inc. as the supplier due to their valve expertise and ability to meet the tight time schedule due to the upcoming maintenance outage.

AUMA Wins Natural Gas Retrofit Opportunity

Case Study AUMA in Natural Gas Service – Click to view PDF

AUMA Actuators, Inc. and R.M. Headlee secured an opportunity to install AUMA actuators with a natural gas company in western Pennsylvania.  R.M. Headlee retrofitted a SAREx 10.2/GS 160.3 with AMExC 01.1 integral controls on a 12″ AN-SI 300 Audco Plug Valve. The retrofit was completed in the field, which lessened the amount of time production was suspended.

A-T Selected for its Custom Design and Flexibility

Case Study AT For Areospace Technology– Click to view PDF

When our client needed new equipment to assimilate space conditions they turned to the expertise of R.M. Headlee Valves & Controls and the proven performance of A-T ball valves. The requirement was to test a multitude of gases under full vacuum and extremely high flows in an aerospace wind tunnel utilizing automated ball valves.

Edinboro Lake Dam

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New Orbinox stainless steel sluice gate and stop log at Edinboro Lake dam will help control lake water levels. Edinboro Borough Manager T.J. Jemetz said, The new gates will allow for increased water flow from the dam into Conneauttee Creek when necessary.

Amherst Coarse Bubble Aeration System

Case Study Tideflex Coarse Bubble Aeration – Click to view PDF

Providing optimal oxygen transfer and mixing characteristics with reliable backflow prevention, Tideflex Aeration and Mixing Systems are ideal for use in municipal and industrial aeration applications.

Grit Chamber Mixing Zones – Click to view PDF

R.M. Headlee Valve Automation Center

Case Study Valve Automation Center – Click to view PDF

The RM Headlee Valve Automation Center was able to retrofit the (7) year old electric actuators onto the new valves and perform the AWWA pressure test. AWWA requires each valve be pressure tested after the actuator has been installed on the valve and limit switches and travel stops have been set to insure trouble free performance.

Electric Actuators with Remote Mounted Controls

Case Study Electric Actuators with Remote Controls – Click to view PDF

One of the largest Natural Gas Transmission Utilities in North America awarded R.M. Headlee Co., Inc. with two orders for AUMA electric valve actuators. These explosion proof actuators are installed at a transmission compressor station on ANSI Class 600 suction, discharge and by-pass API-6D trunnion ball valves and plug valves.

Field Retrofit AUMA Electric to 16″ ANSI 1500 Plug Valve

Case Study AUMA to 16″ ANSI 1500 Plug Valve – Click to view PDF

This AUMA Electric Valve Actuator was mounted to a 16″ ANSI 1500# plug valve at a large Natural Gas Utility in Eastern, USA.  The challenge on this project was taking off a very old competitors actuator that was firmly rusted to the valve stem and bracket.  Due to the required valve torque this actuator needed 250,000 ” lbs for modulation flow control using 4-20mA with 4-20mA feedback.  This Explosion Proof model meets all “FM” Class-I, Div-I certifications and IP68-8-D weather protection enclosure to avoid water ingress that would freeze inside the unit.