Galli & Cassina

Founded in 1919, Galli & Cassina manufactures pressure balanced plug valves that are 100% made in Italy. Galli & Cassina offers product sizes ranging from .50” to 48’ and meets standards for ANSI CL 150# – 2500#, Flange, Weld End, RTJ, pups, and extensions with coatings for buried service. 

Galli & Cassina carries a variety of approvals including: 

  • API
  • ANSI
  • ISO
  • PED
  • ATEX and more! 

The metal seat and no body cavity design allow these pressure-balanced plug valves to have zero leakage when correctly greased in high differential pressure, high percent solids and abrasive Natural Gas applications. These valves are manufacturedusing cast or forged materials of construction adhering to all NDE’s & MTR’s. Galli & Cassina is on almost every worldwide energy companies’ AML.

R.M. Headlee is an authorized dealer of G&C products. Contact us for product estimates, or to discuss your project application.

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