Valve Actuators

RM Headlee has over 100 years of experience specifying actuation meeting a customers application.  We can guide your needs dialing in the best actuation technology to achieve long term operation within given budgets.

About Actuators

Actuators are used to cycle valves without the need of a person manually using a handle.  Actuators can be specified incorporating electric motors, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders or vanes all sized to achieve the required valve torque.

Users will send a remote control signal to the valve/actuator package making it open or close or modulate in the case to control process media. Connecting the actuator to the valve can many times be challenging but fear not we specialize in all kinds of adaption brackets, plates, stem bushings & fasteners.

We provide onsite measurement and installation / commissioning supervision.

At RM Headlee, we pride ourselves on:


  • Quote turnaround same day or no more the 24hrs
  • Full technical specifications with quotes
  • Guidance on specifications making sure you get what you want, this from our vast experience
  • Short lead times from our inventory stocking program
  • Best quality and design from well known manufacturers having code, performance & ISO QC compliance certifications
  • No up-sell from us, we offer best value meeting your need

Pneumatic Actuators

Advantages of pneumatic actuators include speed of response, quick cycle times, and ease of air compression.

Torque is derived from area in an air cylinder and pressure ( pressure X’s area = force ) to cycle valves 90 degrees ( called quarter turn ) or linear ( up and down movement ).

Advantages of pneumatic actuators ( compressible fluid ) can be speed of response / quick cycle times, compressed air easily sourced, no toxic fluids- environmentally friendly. Positioners are used for control and or throttling requirements.

Filter/Regulators & solenoids are typically specified for a complete package. Actuator springs can be used to make the actuator fail open or closed on loss of air pressure, ESD-explosion proof applications-others. Concerns can be moisture that could freeze making equipment non-working.

To speak with an R.M. Headlee expert about our stock of valve actuators, assistance setting up your actuator or other control equipment, please contact us today.

Electric Actuators

Here, electrical energy is converted into a form of mechanical motion that drives the movement of the valve. This can be either linear or rotary.

Motors using reduction gears to develop required torque. Motor power can be almost anything available ( 480, 240, 110V, many others ) while control power is usually 24V, 110-120V for jogging or open / close. 4-20mA is normally used for modulation.

Full valve stroke speeds are slower than pneumatic but can be as quick as 15-20 seconds. Unaffected by moisture unless penetration through the housing (IP68-8 or better is normal).

To speak with an R.M. Headlee expert about our stock of valve actuators, assistance setting up your actuator or other control equipment, please contact us today.

Hydraulic Actuators

Hydraulic actuators can be used when a large amount of force is required to operate a valve. Liquid pressure is utilized to move the valve mechanism.

Non-compressible fluids used in actuators offer the benefits of instant pressure transmission for valve cycling, coat the internals which avoids corrosion and when using high pressure allows for a smaller cylinder / actuator. Function of area X’s pressure = force concept like pneumatic is the same.

Hydraulic pumps can be avoided by using the line pressure to pressurize the hydraulic fluid of the actuator. These actuators are called Gas-Hydraulic actuators. Remote natural gas transmission pipelines choose this style actuator for performance-endurance-simplicity & ruggedness reasons.

R.M. Headlee Carries Valve Actuators From The Following Manufacturers

Pratt Industrial

Pneumatic Rack & Pinion, Scotch Yoke, Electric


Electric Quarter-Turn and Multiple Turn Actuators


Pneumatic and Electric Actuators


Pneumatic Vane Actuators

Triac Controls

Pneumatic and Electric Actuators

ATI Actuators

Gas Motor, Gas Over Oil, Hydraulic, Power Systems, Control Systems


Gas-Over-Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Scotch-Yoke Actuators.

Update Systems

-Proportional control to .5 degrees
-4-20mA Input or MODBUS
-6000 starts per hour/continuous duty cycles
-Electronic Power Backup moves valve back to “safe position” during power loss event

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