Norriseal is a well-known established manufacturer of valves, pressure and liquid level controllers, and switches. Primarily used throughout the oil and gas industries, their application is also compatible with any pressure vessel or piping system. The legendary 2026 dump valve series was the first “No-Freeze” valve with internal moving parts located inside the vessel, preventing part failures in cold environments.

The 1001 family of level controllers offers precise level measurement with signal-to-dump valves, which can adjust levels easily. 1001 non-bleed options help users comply with State and Federal emission requirements.

For old reciprocating compressors with high pulsations, look no further than the Norriseal 7100 series check valve. The 7100 piston-dampened check uses operating pressure through internal porting to load the piston dome, preventing violent damaging cycling.

As always, customer commitment and quality parts are our focus. R.M. Headlee has sold many 7100 check valves on Cooper Ajax machines that are still working well after 30 years.

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