R.M. Headlee has over 100 years of experience as a top distributor of industrial valves, providing customers with the best in the business. 

Valves are used to control and/or isolate the flow of liquid or gas. Industrial valves are built to handle high and low pressures as well as harsh environmental elements.

The main kinds of valves that R.M. Headlee supplies include Butterfly, Ball, Check, Plug, Gate, Globe, Air, and Specialty. We offer wider selections of valves within each of those categories. All of our valves come assembled with an actuator as well as a manual handle or gear operator to open and close the valve or modulate for pressure-flow control.

At R.M. Headlee, we pride ourselves on:

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Butterly Valves

Achieve the best value for open and closed block service as well as modulation for control applications.

Ball Valves

These common yet versatile valves are used when an application requires full bore extreme low-pressure drop characteristics.

Check Valves

Check valves are widely used because they are necessary to stop reverse flow and the resulting water hammer as well.

Gate Valves

This valve’s body has an inside gate, typically metal or rubber covered, which opens and closes.

Plug Valves

Plug valves typically fall into two design categories: lubricated and non-lubricated.

Globe Valves

These valves are primarily used for either process control or automatic control applications.

Air Valves

These valves maintain the system flow efficiency of the pipeline by removing the air.

Specialty Valves

Specialty valves refer to a wide range of valve types that perform a variety of pressure control applications.

R.M. Headlee Carries Valves From The Following Manufacturers

Pratt Industrial

Butterfly Valves; rubber seated, high performance, teflon lined

Red Valve

Pinch Valve, Control Valve, Check Valve, Knife Gate Valve


AWWA Butterfly, Plug, SurgeBuster Check, Rubber Seated Ball Valve, Air Valve, API 6D trunnion

Rodney Hunt

Rodney Hunt, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of cast & fabricated gate products

Guide Valve Limited

API-6D location specific monogram stamped forged trunnion ball valve

Tideflex Technologies

Check Valves, Tidflex “Duck Bill”, CheckMate inline, low headloss, tight seal

Schubert & Salzer

Control Valve, Sliding Gate Valve, Angle Valve, Ball Sector, Globe Valve, Sanitary

A-T Controls

Ball Valves: 2-way, 3-way, multi-port, 3-piece, API 6D trunnion, flange, metal seat, V-port, segmented ball


Zwick triple offset valves are used for industrial and exhaust gases, liquids, hot water or steam

Champion Valve

Dual Disc, Single Disc, Silent Check, Nozzle Check Industrial Wafer Check


Control Valves, Back Pressure Valves, Check Valves

GA Industries

Air, butterfly, check, plug and pump, pressure and level control valves for water and wastewater

Elite Valve

Knife Gate Valves for Power, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Wastewater

Keystone Butterfly

Keystone offers a complete range from general purpose through high performance

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