Air Valves

Air valves are primarily utilized in two main markets: the municipal water market and the municipal wastewater market.

The applications of these valves are the same regardless of the market it is servicing, varying only slightly in design depending on the application. In both instances of use, they maintain system flow efficiency by releasing air pockets during operation and protects system against air related surges. There are three main types of air valves:

Air valves are needed because initially when a pipe is pumped full of water, there is still excess air present, so a means to vent it out is needed.

Air/Vacuum Valves

Exhausts large quantities of air at system start-up and provides pipeline vacuum protection.  Responds to loss of pressure during power failures, line breaks, and intentional drainage.

Combination Air Vacuum Valves

Provides the functions of both Air Release and Air / Vacuum Valves.  Exhausts large quantities of air at system start-up.  Releases air pockets during operation.  Provides pipeline vacuum protection.

Features of Air Valves

  • Stainless steel internal trim
  • Long life & durability

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