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Expanded Capabilities in Valve Sales and Applications for the Natural Gas Industry

As valves are a critical component of piping systems in the gas industry, R.M. Headlee has taken great initiative to expand our capabilities to afford our customers in this field a higher level of product, application, solution and value.

New for 2022:

  • RM Headlee has access to several API-6D trunnion Ball Valve Manufacturers: GVS, Perar, Master Valve, A-T Controls, Valmatic, PBV, Cameron, Chaoda.
  • Valve modifications in 2-3 weeks: Extensions for buried service, pup’s, buried service coatings, full NDE’s and pressure tested.
  • On-site visits for measuring adaption for actuation, old valve identification and determining required torque.
  • FM rated Explosion Proof Electric Actuators and Pneumatic Actuators with proven Natural Gas experience and history.
  • Access to large valve stock inventory on sizes 2” thru 48”, ANSI 150# thru 2500#
  • On-site commissioning assistance for mounting actuators setting limits, mechanical stops, torque switches, feedback.
  • Knowledge-Experience on: ESD systems, Modulation for control applications, High Vibration, Shut in systems for Line break or Over-pressure


Industry Expertise, Field Experience, Proven Solutions

Our many years of field experience and relationships with valve manufacturers provide us torque and adaption intel to properly size either electric, pneumatic, gas motor, or gas hydraulic actuators and install successfully on the first attempt.

RM Headlee builds valve packages meeting certifications such as API-6D and CL-1, DIV-1/2 Explosion proof requirements routinely. We have solid experience replacing operators on old plug or ball valves, sometimes with no name tag information or identification.

When a valve can’t be identified to a drawing, we can travel to the site and measure valve adaption details assuring mounting on the 1st attempt. We have three adaption suppliers and machine shop contacts locally if a mounting curve ball occurs.

We carry extra insurance and passed safety exams for a few key utilities allowing us to work / supervise on site. Every valve package from RM Headlee will be fully cycle tested to open and closed positions. Limit and torque switches adjusted and set, mechanical gear stops set.

We have experience in ESD systems and how to suggest best practices to ensure main block valves close and compressor side valves vent. Our actuator family can handle any size valve from a torque standpoint.

RM Headlee has contractually aligned itself with principals that build with high quality and offer many features and benefits. Our principals are not owned by huge bottleneck conglomerates.

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Drug Testing

RM Headlee employees are fully compliant and up to date with DOT drug testing requirements for site work regulations.

We Offer Value with Common Sense, Short Deliveries, and Low Cost.

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