Italian trunnion ball valve manufacturer Perar offers product sizes ranging from .50” to 60”, meets standards for ANSI CL 150# to 2500# and is API rated to withstand pressures from 2000 psig to 20,000 psig. Perar’s trunnion ball valves are complete forged bodies, ball & trim. 

Perar boasts several approvals and certifications including: 

  • API-6D
  • 6A
  • ASME
  • ASTM
  • IEC
  • ISO 
  • MSS

 Perar products are formatted to DBB standards with SPE (Burping) and DPE (Locked in body cavity pressure need a SRV on non-compressible) seat format. Additionally, Perar offers several application specific seat designs for every custom need.

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