Manual Gears

Many Industrial valve installations and or requirements call out manual opening or closing.  This is accomplished by using a simple gear that combined with adaption and a machined valve stem bushing connects to the top of the valve.

The need-to-know information for correct gear selection is:

  • Required Valve Torque plus safety factor
  • Desired rim pull on the round manual gear handle
  • All adaption mounting plate measurements
  • Valve stem size-height-key

AUMA-GK (Multi Turn) & GS (Quarter Turn) Series

Heavy duty, high quality, 360-degree sector in Bronze or Cast Iron, German Engineering, non-back up gear thread machining design, IP-68 enclosure, standard used on Auma electric actuators except with manual handle.

Wedge Rock

Heavy duty, high quality, Made in Maine, Special materials of construction available, non-back up gear thread machining design, IP-68 enclosure.


Extremely competitive, Made in S. Korea, standard private label gear for Rotork-Limitork-others, stock in the US, Excellent quality & Heavy duty, IP-68 enclosure.

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