AUMA Electric Actuators and Gearboxes from the World’s Leading Actuator Manufacturer

AUMA electric actuators are capable of operating all types of quarterturn valves (butterfly, ball and plug) and multiturn valves (gate, globe, sluice gate and pinch). AUMA actuators are also widely used to operate dampers (louver, guillotine and diverter). Actuators can be furnished for both open/close and modulating service. Integral motor controls and control accessories are available to interface with a wide variety of plant control systems.

Our actuators are tailored to customer-specific needs. Thanks to our comprehensive product portfolio including high performance multi-turn, part-turn, linear, and lever actuators, we offer automation solutions for any type of valve – from two-inch ball valves to diverter dampers several feet high.


Municipal & Wastewater

AUMA is well known in the water industry due to their broad product portfolio including multi-turn, part-turn, and linear actuators. In combination with high corrosion protection, they guarantee a long service life, low in maintenance.

Natural Gas

AUMA are renowned in this industry on an international level, complying with the increasing market demands for vendor list approvals and explosion protection certificates.

AUMA actuators fully meet the requirements of the oil & gas industry with their superior SIL capability and usability under most extreme climatic conditions.

Local Service

We pair our outstanding products with excellent LOCAL service. We from the AUMA Service make sure that your AUMA actuators perfectly fulfil their tasks for smooth process flow.



Multi-turn, Open- Close. SAR Multi-turn modulating. Nema X, IP68, explosion-proof available.


Quarter-turn, Open-Close. SQR Quarter-turn modulating. Nema 4X, IP68, explosion proof available. Learn more here.


Multi-turn open and close with modulating. Combinations with multi-turn gearboxes.


Quarter-turn, open-close, modulating duty.


AC controls are self-adapting control functions, data logging, configurable interface.


AM controls with simple design and defined features.  Open – Close.

AUMA GS Worm Gearboxes

AUMA GS worm gearboxes are used for the operation of quarter-turn valves.

AUMA GK Gearboxes

AUMA GK bevel gearboxes are used for multi-turn applications to provide increase torque.

SA Combos

Combinations with part-turn gearboxes with base and lever.

Video Resources

Setting limit switches on AUMA’s “AC” Non-intrusive electric actuator.

Setting limit switches on AUMA’s “AM” conventional electric actuator.

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