Zwick Triple Offset Valves

Zwick’s Triple Offset Valves represent the industry standard in process valves, providing the ultimate in zero-leakage performance.

With a design that incorporates four decades of improvements, Zwick process valves & products guarantee long service life and low maintenance.

The unique Zwick Triple Offset Rotary Valve featuring a non-rubbing design is widely used in steam isolation, cryogenic, high temperature, and high cycle applications.

Zwick TRI-CON Valves

Zwick’s TRI-CON line of Triple Offset Valves employ a self-centering disc that is keyed to the shaft, not pinned. Other TOS valve manufacturers permanently pin or affix their discs to the shaft. To accommodate for differential thermal expansion of the shaft and disc, other manufacturers must rely on a seal ring that compresses radially. This makes their designs subject to jamming due to thermal expansion.

The TRI-CON series is uniquely designed with the following characteristics and more:

  • Pressure levels PN 10, 16, 25, 40, 63, 100, 160
  • ANSI 150/300/600/900/1500
  • Nominal size range DN 50-2200
  • Temperature range from -215°C to +815°C
  • Double block & bleed design

Zwick TRI-CON values are suitable for various industries and applications including:

  • Refinery/ Petrochemical
  • Energy Generation
  • Sugar Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Paper, Pulp Industry
  • Gas Industry
  • Mining

The triple eccentric geometry, conical sealing element, and other special design elements of the TRI-CON series ensure reliability and durability of the value, even in the most extreme conditions.

Zwick Triple Offset Butterfly Valves: A Case Study

The Problem

A customer came to R.M. Headlee with a project application that required a butterfly valve and a pneumatic actuator that had zero leakage when fully closed. It needed to be operable at extreme temperatures approaching almost 900℉ with a valve size of 48 inches. Those with industrial valve skill sets know immediately that soft seated valves were out the window. Only metal seated valves had a chance of working well and solving the customer’s problem.

The R.M. Headlee Solution

When offering the customer a choice between Double Offset High-Performance Butterfly Valves or Triple Offset Butterfly Valves, the preference ended up being Triple Offset due to the criticalness of absolute zero leakage when fully closed. The Zwick valve design is manufactured with a self-centering disc that is keyed to the shaft, not pinned, to ensure a perfect seat engagement into the machined body. This design feature reduces disc jamming and popping out of the seat when thermal expansion conditions exist.

The Result

There were four bidders for this project and R.M. Headlee won the award. Through the process, there has been a complete team effort by Zwick, the R.M. Headlee sales team, and the customer.

R.M. Headlee’s go-to Triple Offset is Zwick, manufactured out of Germany. However, there is a U.S. Zwick facility located out of Deer Park, TX just south of Houston that allows R.M. Headlee to reduce part shipping time to customers.

Due to the heavy weight of the parts, they had to be shipped separately to ensure quality and expected delivery dates. R.M. Headlee prioritizes customer service and only represents the top manufacturers in the industry.

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