Zwick Triple Offset Valves

Zwick’s Triple Offset Valves represent the industry standard in process valves, providing the ultimate in zero-leakage performance.

With a design that incorporates four decades of improvements, Zwick process valves & products guarantee long service life and low maintenance.

The unique Zwick Triple Offset Rotary Valve featuring a non-rubbing design, is widely used in steam isolation, cryogenic, high temperature, and high cycle applications.

Zwick TRI-CON Valves

Zwick’s TRI-CON valve employs a self-centering disc that is keyed to the shaft, not pinned.  Other TOS valve manufacturers permanently pin or affix their discs to the shaft.  To accommodate for differential thermal expansion of the shaft and disc, other manufacturers must rely on a seal ring that compresses radially.  This makes their designs subject to jamming due to thermal expansion.

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