Globe Valves

While there are several types of globe valves, they can primarily be broken down into use for process control or automatic control. Nearly all of our globe valves used for process control can handle high pressure and low pressure however they are mainly used for clean media only, not for dirty surfaces or particulates.

Automatic control valves are mainly used in the municipal water industry and aid in pressure reduction, pressure release, and pressure sustaining. Automatic control valves use a pilot system, relying on the process media to perform its function.

Industrial Applications

Globe Valves are also used in the Natural Gas industry sometimes referred to as control valves. Controlling pressure and flow rate are important so as not to overpressure an underground pipeline or neighborhood.

Globe valves can be used for isolation, but most designs do not have positive zero leakage performance. Reducing flow and pressure many times creates noise and cavitation, both harmful effects if not modified with special trims or advanced pipeline engineering. Controlling is where this valve style shines.

Features of Globe Valves

  • Throttle control
  • Linear actuation
  • Clean service
  • Seat leakage acceptable

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