Gate Valves

Gate valves are generally used in the industrial and municipal water markets for process isolation, not throttling. In this instance, the valve body has a gate, typically metal or rubber covered, inside that opens and closes.

Types of Gate Valves

Types of gate valves vary depending on their intended application. We offer a select range of gate valves including knife gates, cast or forged gates, and sliding gate valves. Knife gate valves are used for slurry services involving wastewater. They are also often used in the pulp and paper industries.

In contrast, cast or forged gates are involved in industrial applications. They are used for clean services such as water or steam. Sliding gate valves are used for process control and modulation. This involves controlling pressure, controlling temperature, and controlling flow rate.

Features of Gate Valves

  • Full port
  • Extreme dirty service
  • Linear actuation

Common Applications

  • Slurry services (wastewater)
  • Pulp and paper industries
  • Clean services (water, steam)

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