AWWA's MAC Webinar Series To Feature R.M. Headlee

R.M. Headlee is a Featured Presenter in AWWA’s MAC Free Webinar Series –
Wednesday, Sept. 21st – 12 to 1 PM.


Webinar Title: AUMA Electric Actuators

This course takes attendees through the AWWA C540 Standard for Electric Actuators paragraph by paragraph to understand the design parameters of the standard. The actuator types covered include multi-turn, quarter-turn and linear.

Attendees learn about the function of limit and torque switches, enclosures, electrical controls, positioners, manual overrides, travel stops and user-friendly tips. This program requires a basic level of knowledge of actuators and valves.

Considerations like valve style, ambient conditions, power availability, process control, type of service, safety, location and maintenance to name a few, all must be part of the actuator selection equation. If any of these considerations are overlooked, process efficiency and quality may suffer. Also, critical equipment can be subject to unexpected downtime.

Electric actuators are used in municipal and industrial applications to actuate all types of valves today. New and innovative products are being introduced to reduce maintenance costs and to simplify plant operations. As new technologies continue to evolve, it is important to choose the actuator that offers the best cost of ownership.

Webinar Presenters:

  • Gary Lauchert, President, RM Headlee Valve & Controls

  • Rudy Meliss, Sales Engineer, RM Headlee Valve & Controls

  • Gary Thomson, Territory Manager, RM Headlee Valve & Controls

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About The AWWA MAC Webinar Series

The American Water Works Assocation and the Manufacturers & Associates Counsel regularly host a webinar series geared to continued industry education; presenters deliver up-to-date information on timely and diverse topics in the water industry, accompanied by live Q&A session. More information, including a full webinar schedule, can be found here.

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